Start-Up Grant

Start-Up Grant

Anyone wishing to become an entrepreneur can apply for a Start-Up grant from TE Office. Start-Up grant provides financial support for new entrepreneurs and is intended for the entrepreneur's personal livelihood. You can apply for Start-Up grant regardless of the corporate form of your company or the line of business. Your future business activities must be full-time and permanent by nature and estimated to be profitable.

Our business advisors help you with the Start-Up grant application. Book an appointment with us to review your business plan and calculations before you apply. Our services are free of cost. You may download formats for the business plan and calculations from our Material Bank.

Instructions on how to apply for Start-Up grant.

You may send the Start-Up grant application online: application online. The service requires authentication with your bank IDs.

After starting a business, you can use our free coaching services called Start-Up Plus. The service helps you improve your marketing skills and increase your sales. Together we make your company a concrete development plan on how to boost profitability and growth. For more information on Start Up Plus see here.