Would you like to meet other female entrepreneurs and form a support system, that helps encourage your entrepreneurship? Find new strategies to better your mental and physical wellbeing and stamina? Share your thoughts? Add more energy to your everyday life?

Welcome to a Wellbeing group for female entrepreneurs - Hyvinvoiva yrittäjänainen! We can share, reflect, and implement ideas to promote wellbeing within the group. Together we can find new inspiration and strength to continue daily tasks on our path of entrepreneurship!

Themes for the meetings could revolve around self-management, recognizing of strengths and mental resources, stress, and time management. We will also have the opportunity to visit HyMy-village (Wellbeing from Myllypuro). The themes will be agreed upon the first meeting.

To whom

The group is for the female entrepreneurs in Uusimaa. It is at no cost to the participants.

The meetings will be held in English/Finnish according to the wishes of the group.

Where and when

The group will meet six times at the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Myllypuro Campus.

The meeting times are

Thu 28.10. 12-16
Thu 11.11. 14-16
Wed 24.11. 14-16
Wed 8.12. 14-16
Wed 15.12. 14-16
Thu 13.1. 14-16


Register via this link. The participants will be notified about the specifics of the meetings.

Additional information

Project manager Elina Förster, Metropolia AMK, [email protected], p. 040 184 1947 Specialist Outi Pyrhönen, Metropolia AMK, [email protected], p. 050 5666103 www.metropolia.fi/oona2.