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We provide useful tools for starting a company and develop the existing one

GUIDE BOOK – Becoming an Entrepreneur in Finland

This guide is very useful, when you plan on starting a business. You can download in several languages.

In English

In Russian

Eesti keeles

En français

In Chinese

In Turkish

In Arabic

In Somalian


A business plan and calculations comes handy when you, business advisors, experts or investors want to evaluate your business idea and development needs. A business plan with the calculations is an important tool for you especially when you want to apply for a Start-Up grant or when you seek for funding or bank loan. You may download a business plan template here.

Calculations including funding, profitability and monthly sales, also cashflow if needed. Templates can be downloaded here.

START-UP GRANT (Starttiraha)

TE-office can issue a Start-Up grant for starting, full-time entrepreneurs. You can apply for a start-up grant here. The service requires authentication with bank codes. You will find instructions on how to apply for the Start-Up grant from the brochure here.

We work closely with TE-office in matters related to start-up grant and entrepreneurship. Therefore, it is advisable to book a business appointment with YritysVantaa before applying for the Start-Up grant.