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Starting a new business

Make your dream of owning your own business come true - ask us how!

How can you turn your business concept into a business plan? Should you apply for a start-up grant? What kind of financing can a company get for start-up and development? How should you arrange financial administration, legal questions and marketing? What kind of legal obligations are entrepreneurs subject to?

Our experts will give you advice on developing your business idea and making a business plan. We help you with the legal form of incorporation for your business and its registration with authorities as well as the profitability analysis you need. Together with our expert network, we will help you in questions related to taxation, insurance policies and different forms of support. We can also help you if you apply for a start-up or development grant. The advice that we offer is personal, confidential and free of charge, and we can provide it in Finnish, Swedish and English. A certificate issued by Inspecta is a guarantee for the quality of our services.

Together with the Uusimaa TE-Office we regularly arrange Entrepreneurship as an option-information sessions (held in Finnish), during which you can learn more about entrepreneurship and build networks. You are most welcome to participate!

Our network consists of an extensive group of experienced local service companies. Their experts will help you assess your business concept and give you some initial advice free of charge. Our own business advisors will help you find the right expert and guide you further. Our clients have highly appreciated the expertise, support and practical advice of our network. Do take advantage of it!

The statistics show that of the companies that were established with advice from EnterpriseVantaa, 80% are still in business after five years. Of the companies that were established without consulting and advice, less than half are still running after five years.

This is how we work:

  1. Call us and book a time. You can prepare yourself for the meeting by starting your initial business plan.
  2. A meeting with a business advisor. We will discuss your needs, look at your plans and decide on the next step.
  3. Meeting with an expert of our network. The business advisor can recommend further discussions with, e.g. an accounting agency, insurance company, communications agency, bank, lawyer or an entrepreneur in your own sector.
  4. Further advice. Book a new appointment, when you need further advice.  We can also assist your company later on, according to your needs.