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GUIDE – Becoming an Entrepreneur in Finland

This guide is very useful, when you plan on starting a business

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Business plan

A business plan comes handy when you, business advisors, experts or investors want to evaluate your business idea and development needs. A business plan is an important tool for you especially when starting a business, applying for a start-up grant or seeking funding.

Start-up grant

TE-office can issue a start-up grant for a starting, full-time entrepreneurs. You can apply for a start-up grant online (only in Finnish or Swedish) 

The e-service accepts a login with your online bank identifiers. When making a decision about a start-up grant application.

Here you find additional information.


You can seek Finnvera or bank financing for purchases, investments and working capital during the early stages of your business. Finnvera can also provide your bank loan a partial guarantee. For more information, visit their website www.finnvera.fi.

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