Useful information for starting a new company and developing the existing one

Jonglööri heittelee starttirahoja ilmaan pyörän selässä.

Business plan and calculations for startup-gran

A business plan and profitability calculations are needed when you apply for a Start-Up grant (Starttiraha) or seek for funding or bank loan. Business advisors, experts or investors want to evaluate your business idea and development needs with the use of these tools.

Templates for business plan and calculations may be downloaded from these buttons.

Also download the joint brochure of TE services and municipal trials which contains information on other attachments needed for your start-up grant application.

Business plan

Calculation spreadsheet

Start-up grant brochure

Video: what is a startup-grant? English subtitles

Guide book – Becoming an Entrepreneur in Finland

Guide book – Becoming an Entrepreneur in Finland

This free start-up guide for new entrepreneurs provides plenty of information on entrepreneurship, including

  • what the content of a business plan should be
  • where you can get financing for your business
  • how the company is registered

You can download the entrepreneur guide in several languages.

Guide book in English

Справочник предпринимательства

Teejuht eesti keeles

Guide pour devenir entrepreneur

Guide book in Chinese

Guide book in Turkish

Guide book in Arabic

Guide book in Somalian

Muu materiaali

Muu materiaali

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